Evolve! Featured Client Case Studies

Qdoba Mexican Eats

Qdoba Mexican Eats hired Evolve! to help build massive brand awareness, drive social engagement, and increase brand loyalty. Evolve! delivered, big time. One of the programs: a multi-channel influencer marketing campaign drove 2.4 million video views celebrating Qdoba’s key differentiating factor: free guacamole. All participating YouTube vloggers invited their viewers to enter into a scavenger hunt contest for the chance to win cash prizes, free food, and cool swag. During the two-week contest, over 10K submissions were collected.

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Pavia Systems

Pavia Systems, a start-up e-Construction software vendor for the transportation industry, partnered with Evolve! to build thought leadership and brand recognition as well as lead generation. Evolve! produced a series of well-attended, virtual peer-to-peer exchanges that connected Departments of Transportation, construction engineering companies, and inspection firms with their well-known and respected peers. 2,800 marketing qualified leads (125% of the goal) were generated and helped build a six-digit pipeline.

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Smart fitness trainer creator Skulpt hired Evolve! to field test their beta release, help the company raise funds on Indiegogo, and drive sales at an aggressive cost-per-acquisition pace. More than 100 athletes beta tested the product; the Indigogo campaign was oversubscribed; and customer acquisition was at an all time high. The gamified advocate community delivered over 400 4- and 5- star product reviews. YouTube fitness influencers challenged their communities to lose body fat and GET SHREDDED, all the while using Skulpt Chisels to hold themselves accountable.

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Evolve! helped drive sales for Curology, a customized online prescription acne treatment provider. In twelve months, the agency enlisted dozens of beauty YouTubers to share their genuine clear skin transformations, delivering 2.5 million views and $1.2 M in subscription revenue.

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Evolve! revived a failing celebrity endorsement campaign for GoMacro Macrobars. With only a few months to work with – doing a complete overhaul of the campaign – Evolve! was able to double email open rates, double email click through rates, increase product sales, and bring nearly 70,000 sweepstakes entries into the GoMacro database. 

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Evolve! worked with the financial site MoneyTips to drive over 10,000 signups from financial professionals and consumers. Evolve! also vastly increased site traffic and awareness through various influencer and lead generation campaigns, involving mortgage and real estate professionals across the nation.

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Start-up B2B sales prospecting software provider KiteDesk enlisted Evolve! to build brand awareness, develop a repeatable sales and marketing playbook, and generate 1,500 enterprise sales leads in the first six months. Evolve! social influencer marketing campaign catapulted KiteDesk into the lime light, catalyzing top social sales influencers to collaborate on high profile content marketing, social media, and lead generation campaigns. The campaign delivered more than 4,000 sales leads (over 2x target) and KiteDesk executives became thought leaders in their own right.

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OurCrowd, the world’s largest equity crowdfunding platform, hired Evolve! to help recruit high net worth individuals into their investor community. Evolve! recruited more than a dozen of the world’s top social crowdfunding thought leaders to participate in OurCrowd’s strategic content marketing campaign, which surpassed client expectations.

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Guardian 8

Guardian 8, creator of Enhanced Non-Lethal (ENL) tools for the security profession, brought Evolve! on board to build brand awareness and thought leadership in the hospital security space as well as to deliver a steady stream of marketing qualified leads. Highly relevant content co-developed with top industry influencers produced a steady increase in website traffic. Weekly emails saw 25% open rates and 3% click-through rates. Gated assets including industry surveys, eBooks, and a virtual industry panel delivered nearly 8,000 marketing qualified 

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Evolve! helped launch Zolt’s innovative, palm-sized laptop charger by creating a full-scale influencer and digital marketing campaign portfolio. Through the use of YouTube tech stars, content marketing, social media, SEO strategies, and related marketing tricks and tools, Zolt saw an epic unveiling of their product, growing their email database by 18,000+ and selling thousands of Zolts in the first couple of months.

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NEMUS Bioscience

Evolve! was instrumental in driving over 9,000 downloads of content meant to attract future customers and investors. Evolve! enlisted some of the most respected industry analysts, thought leaders, and executives to help promote the future drug and its benefits. Numerous press and TV appearances drove a tremendous amount of buzz and awareness for NEMUS.

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