Creating an Evergreen Influencer Strategy

Aug 30, 2016
Tina Courtney
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Creating an Evergreen Influencer Strategy“If you can’t tell the difference between a simple tactic and a robust strategy, you need some help with your digital marketing.”Lee Oden, CEO of TopRank Marketing

Producing meaningful content that drives site visits and company results is becoming more difficult to achieve as time goes on. The absolute flood of online content has even resulted in some labeling the superabundance as “content shock.” The challenge that this poses, however, is no greater or more complicated than any of the other hurdles marketers have had to flow with over the past several decades.

Marketing is changing all the time; strategies that were once the most cutting edge and effective quickly devolve into diluted versions or black hat strategies. That’s just how it goes. Each and every time these types of transitions occur, marketers adapt. This is something that people are exceptional at, be it in personal or professional environments.

Influencer marketing is currently becoming one of those strategies that is getting watered-down due to the amount of competition and brands leveraging its benefits. Naturally, it is time to adapt and transcend the one-dimensional marketing practices and focus on how to separate your influencer strategy from the crowd and develop something that will generate results for years to come; I’m talking about an evergreen influencer campaign.

Some things that you will want to keep in mind when creating evergreen content for your influencer campaign are:

  • Evergreen content is typically directed towards beginners in an audience
  • The format is simple and easy to understand
  • Evergreen content often inspires action

If you are looking for ways to create a prime strategy that will push traffic to your site for ages, consider integrating these tips into your blueprint.

Create Comprehensive Content

One thing that most all evergreen content has in common is that it is highly comprehensive. If you look at content from preeminent marketers such as Neil Patel, he often explains why lengthy posts are better  for longevity. Longer content allows for the author to elaborate on a topic, link to more trustworthy sources, leverage an increased amount of semantic keywords, and proves to be more useful to readers than posts that merely skim the surface.

When leveraging influencers – like bloggers – for your campaign, ensure that they are well versed in generating this type of content and are willing to revisit a piece if updates become necessary. This will help to continue to help drive traffic to your site long after the campaign has ended.

Donate Free Downloads

While comprehensive content for beginners is a must, there will undoubtedly be those who just do not want to read that much information. That is why it is important to ensure your influencer-offered content is adaptive.

Alongside the lengthier version of the materials, develop a free infographic, slideshow, eBook, or other offering which covers the same material in an abbreviated way. This will help to recapture those who are not willing to take the seven minutes to read the influencer’s article or watch the lengthy video. Be sure that these emphasize the most helpful points to the material and eliminate anything extraneous.

This will take some extra time and energy on your part, but it will add long-lasting value to the audience, and your relationship with the influencer.

Leverage YouTube Influencers

YouTube is the most powerful platform you can leverage for your influencer campaign; especially when it comes to creating evergreen content. Video is continually becoming more dominant in the online world, and YouTube provides incredible discoverability for its videos. They can be found on the platform itself, through Google, and on nearly every social portal.

As far as influencer-created videos are concerned, subscribers aren’t just watching their newest entries. If someone is really interested in an influencer’s opinion, they will often dig through their channel, watching everything they come across. And since these videos never go away, they are sure to be discovered and watched time and time again.

Additionally, be sure to carefully consider which social platforms you leverage for your evergreen content. Posting these materials to Twitter will ensure a very finite lifespan. Pinterest and Instagram, on the other hand, allow content to be explored in a much more everlasting fashion.

Marketing trends come and go; that’s the nature of the beast. Certain ideas, however, remain relevant and useful for a lifetime. No matter the topic you are covering with your campaign’s messaging, there will always be newbies entering the space looking for information to get them going. Leverage influencers to help create this type of content, support their efforts with free add-ons, ensure that the material is exhaustive, and you will have yourself a recipe for creating an evergreen influencer campaign that will produce an ROI long after the initial campaign has concluded.

Need some help finding the right influencer to create evergreen content for your company? Let us know and we can pair you with the right influencers to resonate with your target audience.


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