3 New Influencer Marketing Platforms that Provide Stellar Results

Jan 03, 2017
Tina Courtney
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Influencer marketing tools that workInfluencer marketing’s power has been touted time and time again. The engagement stats are stellar. The ROI is out of this world. Brand sentiment skyrockets.

This dialogue has left a great deal of brands clamoring to dive in. For those that choose to take on the undertaking internally, it can be extremely challenging to know where to start.

There is currently an abundance of tools and influencer platforms to choose from. How exactly can a brand identify the best one to leverage for their needs?

Because this is our niche, our home, we have toyed with almost all the tools out there. Here is an honest assessment about what’s new and worthy.

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#1: BrandNew

BrandNew Influencer Marketing Platform

While the company has been around since 2013, it wasn’t until June of this year that the company launched its influencer marketing platform.

BrandNew is an end-to-end SaaS platform that helps to cut down on the extraneous tasks involved with influencer identification so that brands can focus more on building meaningful relationships with social authorities and crafting engaging campaign messages.

The service leverages influencers from across 60 countries and provides tools to pinpoint experts in specific markets. Additionally, BrandNew helps to manage influencer relationships and analyze the impact of campaigns through its suite of features.

As far as the influencers are concerned, BrandNew houses a variety of tiers; small influencers to notable celebrities, up-and-coming YouTubers to powerful Instagram personalities, and everyone in-between.

Though the platform has only been around for about six months, the company has already partnered with major brands such as Uber, Adidas, and other distinguished organizations.

This service can help businesses organize global or local campaigns, enables influencers to be on boarded to the platform, provides influencer analytics, and dishes up a variety of other profitable elements.

#2: Upfluence

Upfluence Influencer Marketing

Upfluence is a bit more focused in its efforts when compared to other influencer marketing platforms as the company deals primarily in bloggers.

Upfluence is comprised of two separate products, Reachr and Publishr, that can be used individually or jointly.

Reachr allows brands to identify socially influential figures to help craft written content. This product features 50 different filters to help dig through their thousands of bloggers that populate hundreds of niches across the globe. Making campaign management even easier, contracts can be negotiated and finalized directly through the platform.

If a brand wants to go the extra mile with Upfluence, there is the Publishr solution. Under this tool, organizations publish the specifics of a campaign to a community of bloggers who have existing relationships with news outlets and high-profile blogs to publish the branded content through. Companies can recruit as few or as many bloggers as they see fit and Publishr provides performance metrics for each piece that has been published. Or rather, Publishd!

#3: Wattpad

Wattpad Creative

Finally, we come to our most unique influencer platform; Wattpad.

When most brands think of influencer marketing, images of YouTubers in white rooms or Instagram pictures of their products are often conjured. Wattpad takes a vastly different approach to the practice as the tool houses writers who craft creative fictional stories.

This platform began as an application to help reduce the complications of reading on a mobile device. Through this venture, the company entered the content marketing arena and has since cut its teeth in influencer marketing with its audience of over 40 million users; 80% of which are millennials and generation Z.

In mid-2015, the company released Brand Stories which effectively allowed brands to partner with the influential creative writers on the platform to craft captivating content.

In 2016, Wattpad took things even further by introducing Wattpad Studios, which serves as a way for businesses to leverage their branded content in other ways by partnering, . . . with the entertainment industry to co-produce Wattpad stories for print, film, television, and digital platforms.”

The platform also helps brands track the impact made by content through Wattpad Insights.

Though this may not seem like your typical influencer platform, the appeal of the entertaining content generated by Wattpad Stars (their particular name for influencers) has attracted the attention of global entities like Sony, GE, and Coca-Cola.

Consumers demand to be entertained and that is exactly Wattpad’s focus.

This is an exciting time for influencer marketing as more diverse platforms enter the arena while digital monoliths like Google express their faith in the discipline. Check out these budding platforms for a unique experience in influencer marketing.

Need help finding the perfect influencers to pair with? Drop us a line and we can tap into our network of social authorities and build a dream team for your campaign.

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