4 of the Top Influencer Marketing Platforms that We Use

Nov 15, 2016
Tina Courtney
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Influencer Marketing ToolsInfluencer marketing has radically shifted the paradigm of online promotional techniques. What was once a flurry of display ads and celebrity endorsements has now been converted into leveraging social authorities to spread a message far and wide.

The reason that this modality has exploded in popularity is that it has become far more effective than the aforementioned practices. Influencer marketing platform, MindFuse, found that consumers trust the word of influencers 92% more than other forms of promotion.

Considering the raw power this marketing modality possesses in reaching the highly engaged millennial generation, among others, it should come as no surprise that an abundance of influencer marketing platforms has sprung into existence.

Looking for the perfect solution for your brand or agency? Here are 4 of the top influencer platforms, and what make each worthy of consideration.


Buzzoole is one of the newest services to break into the mainstream and provides an automated approach to influencer identification, outreach, and engagement.

Through leveraging its proprietary algorithm, Buzzoole analyzes conversations taking place on social media and establishes the influence of particular individuals in various niches. This helps organizations uncover applicable influencers for their campaigns.

Unlike many platforms, Buzzoole does not leverage monetary compensation to recruit influencers. Instead, companies can offer up rewards such as product discounts, invites to live events, and “Buzzoole Credits” which can be exchanged for Amazon gift cards.

The self-service structure allows brands to quickly set up campaigns, indicate their budgets, and outline the offer to influencers. This framework also allows brands to craft affordable marketing campaigns and save up to 70% of their budget, as indicated by the company’s website.

Buzzoole can help organizations assemble and track influencer campaigns across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and other destinations.

Since its initial launch in 2015, the platform has been leveraged by more than 200 brands, including Ford and Red Bull, for over $1.5 million worth of campaign efforts.

If you are in search for a cost-effective platform that reaches across most major social platforms, Buzzoole is a great champion for you.


Recently acquired by Google, FameBit is one of the easiest influencer platforms to use. The registration and campaign creation processes are simplistic and undemanding in navigation.

Brands can choose to recruit influencers from YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr, then select the type of content they desire, and their allowable budget.

After creating a campaign, it becomes open for bidding. Brands are able to view profiles of responsive and featured influencers to determine if they are a brand match.

FameBit takes a 20% fee for any bids that are accepted, but that can be a small price to pay for all of the hurdles to influencer marketing that the platform cuts out. If you are going for any big names on YouTube et al, this is a good place to make the connection.

If you have more money than time and are looking for a quick and easy way to enter the influencer marketing arena, FameBit is second to none.

Grapevine Logic

Grapevine Logic is another popular conduit for connecting brands and influencers and offers up a simple 4-step campaign creation process. If a campaign’s budget exceeds $10,000, the platforms grants brands access to account managers to help supervise the process.

Grapevine does limit its influencer selection to those inhabiting YouTube and Instagram, but still touts well over 80,000 influencers to choose from.

Much like FameBit, Grapevine provides brands with influencer profiles to help them select the most relevant and compelling authorities for their campaign. What sets the platform aside from the preceding options, however, is that Grapevine allows for earned and paid media.

If your campaign is set to exclusively target audiences on Instagram or YouTube, the most powerful social network for influencer campaigns, but still need some guidance in how to manage things, Grapevine is an excellent choice.


BrandBacker is one of the original influencer marketing platforms, dating back to 2001. In the 10+ years that the company has been operating, it has amassed more than 10,000 influencers from across the globe on its network. The platform caters to influencers on most social networks; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest.

Similar to the other solutions presented here, the interface is seamless and easy to navigate. Much like Grapevine, brands can offer influencers free products, discounts, samples, or monetary compensation, depending on the type and scope of the campaign. BrandBacker also provides “team managers” to help monitor campaigns, analytics tools, and a variety of other resources.

What makes this platform special is its Content Showcase feature which harvests brand-related content from across the web and curates the material so that brands can see who is mentioning them. Companies can then publish the curated content to their websites to help educate customers, drive sales, and achieve other fundamental goals.

While this offering is much more comprehensive than some of the other options, it is also a bit heavier on the price tag. If money is of little concern to your brand, BrandBacker has great elements that you can’t get anywhere else.


Of course, platforms like these are not the only way to get involved with influencer marketing. Employing a specialized, full-service agency has unparalleled benefits that cannot be matched by these solutions. If you want to partner up with an influencer marketing firm who has working knowledge of the process involved and established relationships with industry influencers, let us know, and we can help you assemble a campaign of epic proportions.

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