Be a More Effective Brand With Artificial Intelligence for Influencers

Jun 16, 2017
Mark Fidelman
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Artificial intelligence, machine learning, neural networks – machine learning is leading to an array of complex business solutions for the web-connected world. For many smaller businesses and brands, these “solutions” may seem more problematic than they’re worth. The expertise, the resources, and even the capabilities all seem better suited to enterprise-level applications.

At least, they seem that way before you look at your options.

Companies like Crafty.AI are bringing Big Data potentials to smaller brands at a value that’s impossible to beat. Using their AI system, your brand can identify influencers in your target niche(s) that you might never have been aware of. Better still, Crafty.AI’s chatbot can reach out to influencers for you, crafting messages they are more likely to respond to, and share with their followers.

You get better influencer engagement and audience penetration that’s both deeper and broader, all from an affordable algorithm running quietly in the background.

There are plenty of other companies offering similar or complementary services. Services that let even the smallest brands tap into the power of advanced computing at a profitable price point. The power is out there, and if you’re not taking advantage of it – you can bet your competitors are.

AI and similar technologies can sift through millions of influencers, comments, audience profiles, and farther and faster than any human. They can identify and index relevant information with greater accuracy and can explore avenues of influences that might come as a surprise to even the most adept marketing manager. Put this tech to work for your brand, and you can’t help but get a smarter influencer strategy.

We’re not suggesting you remove the human element from your influencer approach entirely, of course. Marketers can and should get creative, too—the good ones always are. These tools can help inspire that creativity, and add a layer of efficiency and insight at a scope and speed that only computers can achieve.

It’s a brave new world for brands and influencers alike, there’s no doubt. Don’t let yourself get left behind by the tidal wave of innovation that’s rolling through. This rising tide truly can lift all boats. You just have to find the right partners to help you take advantage of the moment.

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