Why You Need a Full Service Agency to Crush Your Influencer Campaigns

Aug 23, 2016
Tina Courtney
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Crush your influencer campaigns with a full service agencyInfluencer marketing has become a marvel of a marketing modality for brands to leverage in recent years. The results are often phenomenal, leading to heightened brand awareness, supple email databases, and massive numbers of conversions and sales. And that’s just phase 1.

Many companies are tripping over themselves to throw money into influencer marketing, and that excitement has gotten more than one brand burned. Don’t be fooled; there are a lot of agencies out there who profess to understand influencer marketing, but are simply jumping on the bandwagon themselves.

When businesses are vetting out an agency to run their influencer campaigns, they are essentially navigating a minefield of pretenders, impersonators, and deceivers that talk a big talk, but can’t live up to the hype. This is why brands need to seek out reputable, full service agencies with provable experience and expertise.

If you are looking to sink your marketing dollars into an influencer campaign, don’t skimp on acquiring a proper marketing team to get the job done. Here is how to choose the right influencer marketing agency and why these campaigns are best left in the hands of professionals.

What a Full Service Influencer Agency Is and What They Do

Full service agencies play a vital role in the success of an influencer campaign. These companies provide end to end solutions for tactical influence marketing. Leveraging a full service agency will allow brands to deal with a group of individuals who understand the entire process of ideation, strategization, execution, management, and measurement of a campaign from beginning to end.

These organizations often maintain working relationships with influencers in a variety of niches and understand how to work with them throughout the process. Additionally, a full service agency can have deep insights and intimate awareness of how to develop and enact various methods within a campaign while providing instructional guidance and advice to a brand on which influencers to pair with, the right platforms to leverage for a campaign, how to maximize efforts to transcend targeted goals, and other recommendations that will result in a successful campaign.

How Full Service Agencies Set Themselves Apart

Many agencies will pretend to have a comprehensive understanding of influencer marketing, but don’t actually stack up when compared to a full service organization. Many PR, digital, social media, talent, and other types of marketing agencies provide influencer marketing services as a part of their overall skillset, but do not specialize in the practice and have a limited scope of the processes and techniques needed to succeed. With this kind of partnership, things can quickly go awry and become extremely expensive as they are not equipped, or knowledgeable enough, to optimize campaigns with the influencers; just getting in contact with an influencer is an art in itself, let alone working on a campaign side by side.

Often times these types of companies will actually hire a specialized influencer agency to handle the campaign and then mark up their prices to cover the costs. This creates more expenditures for a brand and requires them to work with a middleman, often unknowingly.

An experienced full service agency, on the other hand, should grasp the subtleties involved in influencer marketing and knows how to assemble and champion a campaign from beginning to end. These people have experience connecting with and working alongside influencers, utilizing industry leading identification and analyzation tools, and possess their own database of influencers to pull from. These teams have the maturity and familiarity needed to magnify a brand’s KPIs and really drive the effectiveness of a campaign.

Additionally, a full service agency has likely already put in the time learning how to optimize and maximize influencer campaigns on numerous social platforms and are privy to the different tactics and techniques each requires to engage audiences and influencers alike. They should have a track record of succeeding within this modality, and that is something that brands cannot afford to sacrifice when in the market for acquiring a firm to run their campaign.

If you really want to move the needle for your company and drive goals in a precise and measurable way, a full service digital influencer agency is just what you need for a gangbusters campaign. Make your partners prove their expertise with case studies and scads of references. Influencer marketing is a challenging yet rewarding space; make sure your agency knows the how to navigate the bumpy roads.

Ready to enlist an agency that knows how to dominate an influencer campaign? Shoot us an email and we can conceptualize and execute a campaign that will exceed your goals and expectations.

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